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Not What I Expected

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Language: English
Safe for children
Translations: French (1), Hungarian (2)


In a world where 30% of the human population are Amoras, humans with abilities and powers, an awkward 17 year old raven shapeshifter named Lowen exists.

He gets into the top tier wizard-familiar class and finds out that the class isn't really what he expects it to be like.
Like the fact that they get to summon a cute child? pet? creature? thing? from their minds with their wizard partners on their very first lesson, or the fact that they are being sent out on missions? What?

There's also another guy called Marcius, he's a wizard who's got a short temper and even shorter impulse control, but he's really good at magic, and really strong! That's a plus!

...okay he just punched a guy into the wall..

cue shenanigans!
(oh wait, did I also mention that Lowen can't really shapeshift?)
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