bowl fire

Supernaturally Vol.1 Ch.1



Language: English
Safe for children


It started in America, during the 1990s in a small town in Texas. Everything was normal until the supernatural infected the town.

In the isolated town of Warcester, a bundle of misfit friends find themselves facing the unthinkable. Sierra arrives in Warcester just in time to watch the wicked event unfold that will send the town into a dark, bizarre, and unforgiving adventure. Between our world and the realm, a schism tears, exposing all of humanity's most feared demons to the third dimension and affecting everyone who happened to be observing the full moon on the night of the breach, the night the moon faded crimson, the night the supernatural daunted upon the human world once more.

Now, with the new powers gifted to them from the supernatural realm, Sierra & friends take on the task of hunting the dark entities that are bleeding into the human world--but fighting the supernatural is no easy task, and neither is Sierra's need to face her own demons. No telling what will unfold now.

(NOTE) - This is an AMERICAN manga, read from left to right. Also, this is only the first chapter of the volume, as I have the full version published. If you'd like to continue the full story, download it here -


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