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Posted 10 months ago.


My awesome freaking series, the Supernaturally Series, will be ON SALE through the entire month of October in celebration of Halloween! Note - this is the series that won the artist contest on mangaido a couple years back. I've gotten two volumes of it done now! You can see chapter 1 here;

And seeing as how volume 2 is a VAST improvement WITH a Halloween theme, I figured a lot of people would enjoy giving it a read! Trust me, you'll love it.

I'm working HARD on volume 3 now, and my art & writing has been getting steadily better and better. Come follow me on this journey, cuz I'm SO into this now!

You can find the first two volumes here, AND all my other work~! I also recommend Wicked (my first finished novel) if you're looking for a Halloweeny read. It's a murder story. Yay!

Here ya go, show me some love! And grab a copy of Supernaturally while they're dirt cheap, cuz I can't keep em that way for long!