bowl fire

It is daily life of childhood friend Andy and Dale.
This was posted in Japanese on another site.
I can only Japanese, so I translated it into English using the translation function.Please fix it if it becomes a strange phrase.

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Yayyy! I have waited for this chapter! The drawings are beautiful as always! I can see how much work and humility you put into it. I mean, you draw with respect. You respect your own work and don't rush it. And I just love the expressions of the characters! ^^ I must tell, I can understand Dale's situation. I can only guess what's in the background, but I understand his distrust. Maybe it seems he is the bad guy now but I really sympathize with him. He just saw his best friend kissed his lover. It's understandable he doesn't believe any of their words and that is why he remains cynical towards them. But I feel that Andy actually feels something towards Helen, am I right? ;) I can read it from his ( cuteeeee ) worried face in the last page. •ᴥ•

2 months ago
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@okami_haruma Thanks for reading!٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶
It was good that Chapter 3 was completed early.Andy tried to solve the problem of Dale and Helen, but on the contrary it failed because the method was wrong. (-_-;)Andy is a clumsy person, but it is also his charm.The perfect character is not interesting on the contrary. (* ̄- ̄)
Later, Dale's speculation and Helen's secret are revealed.
And in Chapter 4, My favorite Mikey appears. Please look forward to it. (*^▽^*)

2 months ago
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I started to translate it into Polish :D

2 months ago
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@karolina Wow! Really? I am very happy! Thank you very much!ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

2 months ago