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Kaitlyn Houston

First of the two art trades with my artist friend done. Whew, I felt bad that I neglected this, but well it's finished now so I'm happy.

It's his OC. She's supposedly a legal loli who is a scientist that builds and researches robots. She's a character in his mecha / war story kek.

If I remember correctly, I had lots of reference for her design. Like that hair was based off Neptune (Hyperdimension Neptunia) and Tama's (Kancolle) hair, the coat based from a certain Tales character that I can't remember, and the uniform inspired from a certain Gundam series and Akitsushima's (Kancolle) uniform with color theme from Valkyria Chronicles. Oh and that design on her clipboard is Rocket Raccoon ehe. So much inspiration for just one character lul, but it sure was fun working on this character design.

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