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So it happened again. Ran-Ron drew in public again. In front of a buncha high school students to be specific.

Just like last year, I along with an artist friend visited the school where a friend and my art master is teaching. We gave away some prints and stuff, then went to do a live drawing session for the kids. Me, being the introvert I am, was pretty pressured drawing outside (I draw really bad when I do it anywhere outside of our house).

The theme we had was "Girl with gun" so that's what this image is. I'm not good at designing guns so I made my own shit haha! The overall design was inspired from Assassin's Creed.

Regardless of any errors, I think this turned out better than the one I made last year in the same school. This was my 2nd time visiting there and it's always a great experience. Really happy those kids appreciated my works (Even though they're more or less intended for adults lul).

Then finally, this was given to one of his students. I don't know who got it since I just gave it away to whoever was the closest to where I was standing. XD

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