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(Story) The Angel and other characters

When I was in lower secondary school (8 years ago) I was a lonely kid. I was left out of the girl groups in my school and was made fun of because of the way I looked and other stupid things. To cope with my feelings I started to create characters to represent them. This one was my first. I believe it's from 2011 or before that. Back then I was still starting with human characters so the first pictures weren't great but the images showed some great feelings. Some of them made me so uncomfortable, I buried them deep in my closet. Now years later I'm visiting the old characters and themes from that time. The current me is very different from the little kid 8 yeas ago, but I can still relate to every picture. The pictures in this art book represent emotions of anxiety, depression, self sacrifice, selfishness (good and bad), sexuality, pain and other unpleasant things, but also good feelings. I want to draw them all. I'm still having some trouble representing all the good emotions, but I'm getting there bit by bit. :)
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