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I really like reading books as much as I write. I decided to write a book of my own when I got inspired by Authors who have struggled like any writer or artist but became determined to become published no matter what obstacles they face in their life while facing many rejections. I know how painful a rejection can be when you really did you best in your work but is not good enough in the eyes of those who read it. I love receiving good rejections from literary agents when they say that another agent might think differently, it is not fit or they are subjective.

But there are others who does not care about your efforts and will truly hurt your feelings and break your hopes. Some agents would say ''You are nowhere near the standard of professional writing.'' or ''It will take you ten years or more to get it right.'' Bad rejections always tend to be cold and it does not usually consists of constructive criticism, they want to hurt and mock the Author to make sure they leave them traumatized to destroy their confidence.
Being humble does not always work when in conversation from a bad rejection, they will just tend to mock you more.

Despite of any kind of rejection, we must always not lose confidence and continue to practice what we love to do and just do it for a passion. Give works away for free for people to read and keep aiming to do better each time than just giving up from a cold rejection.