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Writing is just not a medium of expression but it is also a way share knowledge and experiences. People who writes fiction should also try writing in different areas like non-fiction to spark more creativity. Writing as an expression can help cope up with anxiety and relieve stress. If you think hearing the sound of pressing keys on a keyboard is like pressing keys on a piano and making music, then writing is something of an art. We create worlds and characters in stories and that something soothing to the brain because we make it work through mental exercise not just our fingers or our hands when we write.

It's best for aspiring Authors and Writers to continue practicing both fiction and non-fiction works in order for them to attain more experience and hone their skills on the craft. Reading books about writing may also help, but not all people can take a course and a degree in creative writing. Studying and Practicing the craft is a good combination of exercise that truly is going to improve the skill set of a Writer. All Writers need to have other sources of income even not related to writing, since we need something to support our passion.

Being a Professional Writer does not only mean you have to have a steady income doing just on thing, but you are able to apply different writing styles and use your talent on different mediums. We need to become versatile writers who can apply our writing skills to different areas so that when we fail on one thing we can move forward on doing another. We need to love writing with a passion and a humble heart willing to do better each time.