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To be a Successful Writer you need to keep on writing everyday to hone your skills and be able to express yourself more. Perseverance and Determination is the key, you need to take criticism as something constructive and rejection to motivate your more. There will always be weaknesses to improve and obstacles to overcome but what matters is you have a fighting spirit that never gives up. A Writer is also considered to be a creative artist, beauty in writing is also in the eyes of the beholder who will appreciate it, the way it is. Some people write for themselves for their own satisfaction while others write for the sake of other people to entertain, inform or to impart wisdom and knowledge.

Writing can be a passion not just a Job. I use to write love letters and sometimes poetry to a girl a like back then, compose prayers or send notes to my friends and even to myself. Writing is better than speaking because you have the time to organize what you have to say and have the ability to correct your words just in time. I love writing letters a lot to certain personalities just to express my ideas regarding issues and concerns. I also like including letters with my Gifts to loved ones, that makes it more extra special.