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Continues Rejection hurts a Writer the most especially when it is served cold. Some Publishers and Literary Agents from Traditional Publishing Companies or Agencies sometimes forgot about caring for writers in motivating them to do better, instead they try to break their confidence and don't mind their hard work or efforts. Rejections for Aspiring Authors is often painful and depressing, it makes them feel that they will never break into the industry. It's best to be encouraged to do better when receiving rejections instead of always seeing the bad side of it, the bright side is that you tried and you made an effort, that is all that matters.

There is still a stigma in Self-Publishing. Many think that Self-Published Books are only written by people who does not have talent or literary rejects. Some Traditional Published Authors also self-publish to make their work available to more readers in the earliest time possible. Being Self-Published is simply being independent and working everything on your own and being in control, it has nothing to do with poor work efforts or the quality of writing. Being Self-Published requires a lot of determination and perseverance through the process of publishing a book to it's promotion and marketing.

A Self-Published Author will take on different roles, but can hire other professionals like editors and cover designers to make their book more professional and polished. Just like any business they need to promote and market their book with their own efforts and a help from a team might also be required if necessary. Being Self-Published does not mean that you are just a literary reject but someone who continue the dream to break into the literary industry with much confidence and determination.