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Interest in writing can sometimes be halted with writer's block where you have a hard time to write even a sentence or ran out of new ideas. Sometimes we need to get some inspiration outside of writing like going out for a walk in the park and doing other things we love to do. Often a spark of inspiration would be enough to motivate us to write again and at least a bit more frequently. Practicing writing one thousand words a day would be good enough for any type of writing just as long as we continue to put things in writing, either it is on our Journal or a notebook. Fiction writers should also write a lot of non-fiction in order to develop a good narrative. Taking down notes and having to write down plans for a book or anything else out of the blue will help nurture the writing appetite. Writing 10,000 words a day would be a good target if you want to finish quickly, when you are writing a book. But make sure you are not writing for the sake of just finishing or writing many meaningless useless words but it has to be of good quality. Make sure each sentence is written in the best shape possible connecting the paragraphs having perfect sense.