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I got inspired by Authors to write my own Novel and Comic Book and because I loved reading them too. Back in 2010 I was watching movie trailers of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on Youtube when I came across a documentary of J.K. Rowling : A Year in the Life. It showed a lot of details about the publishing process and got inspired about the Authors struggle to get published. He had over 12 rejections from different publishers until someone liked the Harry Potter Manuscript. It inspired me and motivated me to write my own book. I wrote a lot of stories before I end up with my first Novel ''Bunny Syndrome''.

It was a short Novel I wrote in 2010 and made revisions over the years. I think it is too short for a Novel but in the near future I might turn it into a series. For Comics I got inspired by the Chinese Manhua Artist ''Xia Da''. Her art is so refined and truly artistic her appearance made her famous as a beautiful coming artist with youthful looks. I also read stories about her struggles to break into the comics industry at a young age. I love reading success stories from Authors and their struggles before they became successful and famous.