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I really loved watching Anime and Cartoons based on Comics and Manga. I also like the live action version of them. Different mediums of the same story does not bore me at all. Sometimes the story is a little bit different for each medium. Either it is reading books, listening to audiobooks or watching movies, I love the different mediums used. It's best for Comic Artists to make their work available in different formats for a variety of viewing devices and venture into merchandising making the world of your characters and story expand into visible and tangible form.

Just like Pokemon and The Dragonball Franchise expanded it's experience to a whole new level. Stories are best represented in different mediums and make the experience a part of pop-culture. I think Comic Artist should think more of making their stories available through different formats and mediums, that will truly help their stories come out into the open. Stories don't get found on their own they have to be actively promoted and the work of hard labor will eventually pay o ff. As Artist you need to market your work persistently to become successful, you need to make readers know that you exist and not act like you are just a business but also a professional.

Marketing and Socializing is essential f or an Artist to become successful, you need to reach out to people to make yourself stand out in an already crowded Arena. You need to show that your work is unique even though all stories have been told, that you only need to tell it differently. Authors need to understand that they have a personal brand, they do not just promote their works but also themselves as a creative.