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Akimura Misaru The Samurai Girl

Hi guys!
And its been a month after I uploaded my last video
Yeah I've been sick and busy for a few weeks ago

I must say its not a good thing at all
Ok, this time my imagination way too different!!!
I try to make this look horror and thriller
However instead making look horror I drawing opposite

That's because once I listening to the music which is inspired me a lot and make me imagine 'what if i make her like this?'
I'm using my original character Akimura Misaru since she is not human.

Which is she can transform into a person she want too.

I hope you guys will love her^^

Art Style : Digital Art
Original Character : Akimura Misaru
Character : From Akimura Clan
Software : Adobe Photoshop CC
Time : 25 hour

The original picture is in Devianart :-
website :

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