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PART ONE Yuki "The love i felt for him was a love i will never forget" Shiro "Even when he is gone she still chooses him" Rena "He choose her until his last breath" Toyonobu "She will never forget him, even if he caused her a great pain"

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Aihara Shiro

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I was on my way to school when my phone rang. It was Toyo.

“Toyo, what is it?” i ask him.

“She's gone.” he said i didn't have to think hard enough to know who he was talking about.

“Since when?.” i ask him

“The landlord said she left about a week ago to live in the states.” he said. “I came to check on her, since she was so skinny last time, she cleaned her whole apartment and evrything” he said.

Why did she go? Why couldn't she just stay here? I didn't want to say it but, he was gone it was my chance now to win her over to give her my support to love her. She didn't even give a month.

I was gonna come back later in a month to check on her. To give her my support and she gives me her support.

Toyo hanged up and he said he was going to call Rena and tell her the news. One thing i knew for sure was that she wanted to be alone no matter how many days, weeks,months and even years it took.

She still wouldn't want to accept me that way.


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