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Four Leaf Clover (Shoujo/School/RomCom)
Four Leaf Clover (Shoujo/School/RomCom) This is my present manga/comic I made and is currently on going... Cant work a lot on it since i am working irl since i live alone and need to sustain myself... but from time to time i go update lil by lil ... Hope you will enjoy reading... Few Insights: Four Leaf Clover, a school romance comedy type comic following the story of a young girl at the elite school. Her Fate will change drastically upon meeting two certain people... Characters: Yui Mayumi; My heroine at my comic Four Left Clover, it is a romance comedy school genre. Yui is a special student an elite school (Archaine Academy) and the story follows her adventure upon meeting two person that will drastically change her usual daily life. Hiro Souta; Arrogant, ill tempered and trouble maker young man who loves to have everything he wants. Their family are the owner of the nation's most elite school Archaine Academy. And the younger brother of the school's chairwoman Maki Souta. His fate changes as he meet the ordinary girl name Yui Mayumi. Keith Arvie Leon Rovierre aka K. Leon; A young celebrity who transferred school after getting back to his own country. He's a school heartthrob but has a lot of secrets himself. Things will get interesting as his fate intertwined with Yui Mayumi... Note: Cant really do it fast, since work in irl is eating my time. also high resolution can be be seen on Thank you ^^
A Girl Who Read A Clockwork Orange
A Girl Who Read A Clockwork Orange You called onto this girl who seemed to have been absorbed by the book, you had to call her attention more than once. She slowly turned around, taking off her glasses as if her vision would be damaged by the sight of your shit-ass face. Her eyes suddenly darkened. Instead of the shitty smile you project every fucking time you hit on women, your lips closed tight. You found yourself gulping. She only seemed like a high schooler, yet what was this black aura coming out of her? Her glare pierced through you like a bullet aiming for a head shot. It was like she was about to summon her Stand and kill you right there. And what's even worse, you noticed her hand where the book rested. You read the title written atop the sketchy drawing of a man holding a knife. Being familiar with literary works, you have come to a dark conclusion. You have interrupted her in the middle of reading A Clockwork Orange, a book that depicted the worst of humanity. Prepare yourself, you meddling fucktard. You are about to taste her own form of the good old ULTRA-VIOLENCE. Originally, I was just gonna draw an OC, but before I know it, this turned rather ominous. Add the fact that I've been really fond of Anthony Burgess' novel lately and so this is the result. Also I felt practicing my narration so you have that bit of story up there, I guess. No color as usual because I suck at coloring. a_clockwork_orange, 1girl, glasses, angry, dark_aura, glaring