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Hello everyone, Akiaki here! ღවꇳවღ
I will be translating Japanese and English comics into Tagalog! (^v^) I will not use words that are too formal since it makes Filipino readers very uncomfortable. I will translate it into words that will give it the same feeling/atmosphere as it is in the original comics to make the words more alive and not just literally the translation of the original language.

I'm into 2D Anime illustrations. I currently work as a freelance illustrator and have published books as the head artist. There's still a very long and tough road ahead of me but my dream is to be able to make my own comics after I master the necessary skills needed to make it. If you are an author and is looking for a shoujo-style manga artist, please don't hesitate to message me (but kindly take note that I don't draw for free ╥﹏╥ )

Currently, I'm taking some online classes to further my knowledge about certain topics and to acquire certificates, but my main objective is to use those knowledge and research data for my manuscript▓⚗_⚗▓

I will slowly work on translating all the comics here and publish short comics when I have time! ・*。゚o。(´-`人) .☆.*・*.♪

Mga kababayan, patulong naman sa translations please. Nagsasanay ako magsalin ng ingles pa filipino kaso sunog utak ko eh hahaha

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