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Genres: Action, Drama
Lingua: japonês
Seguro para crianças
Descrição: inglês (2)


It is a manga drawn over 10 years ago.
Mikey came to visit Andy and Dale's house.

By the way, Mikey is a new actor.In another story Mikey will confess to Andy that he became an actor.
Andy saw a strange dream that Mikey became a woman.
That triggered the three men to talk about their dreams.
This is a story that Mikey himself became a traveler fighting in a dream.

Since it is manga drawn in Japanese, please look from the right side.
Those who understand Japanese please translate it to English.


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Your comic looks great :) I can't wait for translation ^^

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Thank you so much!I heard that this manga will be translated, so please look forward to it.

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